A few of the ponies who are part of our Northington Stables family.



Hi I’m Ben, a big gentle giant. Being one of the bigger horses at Northington I’m used mainly for hacking and for adult lessons. I love jumping and being fussed over and I can be a bit of a klutz sometimes.


Hiya, my name is Dolly! I haven't been at Northington very long but I absolutely love it here! I have made lots of friends and I really love my jumping lessons.


Hi I’m Freddie, you will probably see me a lot here as I take part in lots of lessons and pony days. I can be very cheeky sometimes but I love children and love lots of fuss, I even get painted in spooky designs at Hallowe’en!


Hello there! I'm Leo, also known as Leo the giant labrador as I'm such a big softie. I have joined Northington Stables from Wellington riding school where I used to teach people for their BHS riding exams.




Hi my name is Magic, I'm small and rather round but I'm very cute! I used to belong to a lovely little girl but I was a bit too sassy for her so I'm now part of the Northington gang.


Hi there, I’m Merlin. I have become a firm favourite with the children here at Northington and I really enjoy my lessons and pony days. What do you notice that’s different about me? I’ll give you a hint…have a look at my eyes next time you see me.


Hi I’m Monkey, although I don’t need much of an introduction as I’m very well known and THE favourite at Northington. I take part in everything here from being painted on Hallowe’en to dressing up as Rudolph at Christmas and I love it! Do you know what my show name is? If not ask a member of staff next time you come to visit.


Hi I’m Murphy, I'm a very kind and loving boy and everyone always tells me what a good boy I am! I really like jumping especially going out cross country.


Hi I’m Pudding also known as ‘Pud Puds’ and I’m the speediest pony of them all! I’m super cheeky and like to nip the staff at any given opportunity. I am very affectionate though and love lots of fuss.


Hello, my name is Roo or Little Roo as I'm also known. I might be small but I am mighty! I absolutely love my lessons particularly jumping and I love dressing up for pony days!


Hiya, my name is Soldier but everyone calls me Solly. I’m renowned for being quite slow and lazy when I want to be and you will often see Fran chasing me around the arena to get me moving a bit quicker. I can move fast when I want to though and I absolutely love going hacking.



Hello, I’m Theo. I’m one of the bigger horses here so I get used for the adults and bigger children in lessons and camps. I’m very friendly and love everybody, I will also go searching through your pockets to see if you have a tasty treat hidden away.


Hello, my name is Tilly, I'm very sweet and friendly and love lots of fuss. You will probably see me in lead rein lessons and lessons with some of the more advanced riders, I also really love jumping!